Step-by-step: adding an image to chatbot conversation

1. Log in to your Lead Chatbot control panel

2. On the top menu bar click on "Tools & Settings"

3. Select "Chatbot Flows & Scripts".

4. Scroll down to find the conversation Flow where you want to add your image.

5. Press the blue “Edit” button next to that flow

7. Press the “+ Add Step” button where you want to insert the new Step

8. A pop up appears. Press the “Image” button.

9. Press the “Change Image” button, right to the new gray block that appears.

10. Press the blue “Upload Image” to proceed.

11. In the new screen, Press “Choose File” to choose the picture you want from your computer. After choosing it, press the “Upload Picture” under it.

NOTE! Your image has to be of JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF formats, weigh up to 500KB and size up to 600px X 600px.

11. When You’re done, the new image will appear in your list of image.

12. Choose the picture you just uploaded by clicking on it.

13. That's it your image has been added into the Chatbot's conversation flow