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Start with this chatbot today and edit it to fit in with your app development business. The chatbot is a great way to attract potential clients, gain their confidence right from the start and capture leads details for your sales team
Chatbot Template FAQ
1. Is it easy to build a chatbot?
Yes. With a simple and friendly platform, Lead Chatbot allows you to design the conversation you want. Within few minutes your lead generation chatbot can be up and running on your website.
2. How do I share my chatbot?
There are many ways to use and share your Lead Chatbot. You can add your chatbot as a chat widget to your website, embed it as a frame within your pages, use it as a conversational page or use a dedicated link to share it by SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, Facebook and so on.
3. Is Lead Chatbot free?
Yes. You can enjoy our Free plans with unlimited chatbots, unlimited domains and unlimited leads for up to 20 conversations per month. You can always choose to upgrade to one of our paid plans for additional traffic and extra features.
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